"Rest in Peace" Episode Discussion (TWD Series Finale)

Here it is, the last, truly last, the Walking Dead there is. I've been watching this show for a decade, and it's cool to see reach its conclusion. Recent seasons have been much better than the season 7-8 mess.

I've been making these threads since Season 5, so like 7 years of my life have gone into these. What a ride. We used to have a lot more commentators...but now it's we few, we happy few.

And after tonight, I'll be free, free as a bird. So, for the very last time, comment before, while, and after you watch! Thanks for joining me on the ride that is these episode threads.


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    Considering the numerous circumstances working against the show like losing its biggest leads, slowly dwindling viewership, Scott Gimple, and Covid. I honestly think they did a great job. I found it to be a very tense, emotional and bittersweet finale to the series. Is it perfect? No, but they did great with the hand they were dealt and it managed to squeeze a few tears out of me. A lot of fantastic performances as well, with the standouts being Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko), Lauren Ridloff (Connie), Nadia Hilker (Magda), and Angel Theory (Kelly), did a fucking killer job in the opening as well. Really raw performances by some very underutilised characters. Also a lot of parallels and homages to earlier seasons of the show which I very much enjoyed.

    Overall, I very much enjoyed it. It's kinda sad to see it go, but I'm glad it's finally ended in a satisfying way.

    Also Jerry lived so 10/10

    Until the Dead City, Daryl Dixon, and Rick & Michonne spin offs at least lmao.

    I really am The Walking Dead.


    • From the way the actresses for Yumiko, Connie, Magda, and Kelly were acting you'd think Dan Fogler (Luke) was actually dying cause holy shit, that was some of the most realistic crying I've ever seen in media.
    • Carl got the dinner he dreamed of. There's a few tweaks to the guest list but still!
    • Love that Gabriel was the one to let the people through the gates. Perfect callback to his cowardly days.
    • I fuckin' love Josh McDermitt. When he started talking to Rosita about seeing summer and his voice cracks, you could tell he knew something was up but he tried hard to deny it. Fucking fantastic actor.
    • Also really liked the talk between Maggie and Negan. She doesn't forgive him and probably never will, but no longer wants to hate him.
    • The final emotional moment of the episode with Carol and Daryl was wonderfully bittersweet. They're the last of the Alexandria group and it was nice to have one last moment with them just peacefully hanging out.
    • Nice to see Andrew Lincoln return, along with Danai Gurira in medieval getup for some reason.
  • I've been waiting for the more comments to come in - Thanksgiving had me super busy and I figured "when I get back, there'll be so much to talk about." Disappointing that it isn't, but eh, okay.

    The first half of the episode I thought was rushed - it was really intense in the first 20 minutes (man, that acting from Dan Fogler was top-notch, although it seemed to me like Luke was an obvious person to kill), but it resolved itself too quickly IMO - they just decide to blow everything up, and people are relatively easily about to move from place to place. In that first 20 minutes, the threat of the walkers was really omnipresent and I think they employed claustrophobia well, both in the alley ways and hospital corridors. And I loved the touch of Dary blocking Judith's hospital room (kind of like what Shane did for Rick) only to almost immediately abandon that because of the new danger of the walkers - it's nice to see the heroes reacting to something going awry.

    I loved giving Rosita Andrea's fate from the comments (although it was predictable once she survived the initial fall). Christian Serratos honestly one of the better actors in the show. I also loved that they gave her time to enjoy a celebration before her death - that was very beautiful. Of course, Josh McDermitt is the best actor in this show, no doubt. That man is so convincing it's amazing - loved his talk with Rosita and stuff. I also loved Gabriel going to the gate - this was the man who locked people out of the church, only to put his life on the line to let them in. And Hornsby! Now that was great. Great moment, even if it seemed (at least to me) that it was guaranteed Maggie was going to shoot his walker (a reviewer mentioned it as a twist on Carol's comic death - I found that very clever). Ezekiel being the new Commonwealth governor is a fine ending for the character.

    Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have this strange compelling chemistry - I loved Maggie's response to what she said, playing off a comics-scene. Really well acted. And yes! Jerry lived! Love that. And some great Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride at the end. Daryl and Carol, what a pair. And a title drop of 'the walking dead' was good too.

    The Rick-Michonne teaser didn't really feel in-place with the rest of the episode, although it does seem interesting. Part of me would have liked this to be a true finale - but all these spin-off threads limited that. Oh well.

    I cried a little bit, so I think it's safe to say I loved the episode - but more so than last half for all the feels and even I don't think it was an A+. But well, I'm glad this big TWD adventure has reached a satisfying sort-of-not-really conclusion.

    And thank you @lupinb0y for your dedication in commenting. Honestly, means a lot. Your points are always great.

    Free at last!

  • Oh and one thing: Cailey Fleming is a fucking hell of an actress. Just those looks when Rosita is telling Gabriel about her bite...and then the moment where she tells Daryl she doesn't want to die...damn, really felt like a scared kid. She deserves some kind of award. I hope her future stays bright.

  • And thank you @lupinb0y for your dedication in commenting. Honestly, means a lot. Your points are always great.

    Oh and one thing: Cailey Fleming is a fucking hell of an actress. Just those looks when Rosita is telling Gabriel about her bite...and then

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