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I have Batman: A Telltale series and Batman: The enemy within in my Telltale account but after having to reset my PC I can no longer find or remember where I bought and downloaded them from. Is there a way for me to find this out as I have yet to play either game??


  • If you are seeing the games here in your Telltale account, but you never ran them, you might have bought them directly from Telltale. To check, go to, select one of the Batman tiles, and see if it offers to let you download them. You can also enter a support ticket asking about it.

    If you're playing on PC, there's only a few other places you might have got it from. Obviously, if you have a physical DVD, that should be at your place somewhere, probably in the box at the bottom of the stack. If you have accounts at Steam or GOG, check those and see if the game is listed in your library. If so, you can just launch it again from there.

    If this is too much work, you can just buy them again. Steam and GOG are having winter sales (though for not much longer), and they're not that expensive.

  • I did open them once when I first downloaded them to make sure they opened and ran properly but never actually played or started any of the episodes, my account doesn't show me any way to download them. I've checked my Steam and Xbox accounts too and both of those only show links to buy them again :(
    I know steam has a sale on at the moment but as I'd already bought them once I didn't really want to have to go through buying them again.

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    Telltale's online save download system is no longer available due to the company's closure. Skybound did not acquire these online keep servers and could not access Telltale account information. I'm a big Batman fan. My favourite characters are the Joker, Catwoman, Pingywon and Harley Quinn. It was terrible news for me, as it is for all Batman fans, but now I play the Batman game here , but if you want to play the old version, you can launch the game app and select Episodes. Click the "Buy" button for one of the episodes you previously purchased. For example, if you purchased episode 2 separately, tap the "Buy" button for episode 2. Go all the way through the purchase process.

  • @BrunsonDid I can't launch the game app, I had to reset my pc and need to download them again but I can't remember where I bought them from. This is what I need to know to be able to download them.

  • Hello, I just found this answer on your question here -
    Have a nice day)

  • Ok thanks @BrunsonDid but it's been sorted now by Telltale support :smile:

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