Telltale The Walking Dead Season Bugs and required updates!

Currently for past few years I have been trying to play all the games from the walking dead, they all are added to my account but for some reason their hasn't been any new updates on the games, michonne and wd2 needs updates, chapter 2 for michonne is glitch at the end when fighting my phone turns off and the import for wd2 won't import to wd3 Frontier. Their need to be android version updates. Currently I have been playing them with my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and rog phone 2. I am eager to see the final season on android as well. I startee playing these games on my iPhone in 2011 and never played it on console or pc but is insulting their hasn't been any updates for mobile versions!


  • the game is in the hands of skybout and they are not going to update because they can't, on android they don't because there are no people who buy it they just hack it somehow so you won't get updates.

  • I also wish for a mobile version. It would be great if I could play it all the time


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