hey doods, need some help (i might be an idiot)

okay so I bought the key for The Wolf Among Us (first game) from eneba, and I entered the code blablabla, so I now have it in my tell tale games website. The question is; how do i actually play it? It's my first time ever playing a tell tale game, I hear they're really good, but I can't play it or anything. I've tried clicking the game in the 'my games' section, double clicking, etc. it already says my game is linked to my account, but i'm not sure where i can actually access it, like its not in my steam library or anything like that.

any help would be great, this is probably a really minor issue and im just a idiot. thamks


  • I don't really understand. If you bought a steam key of any game and you redeem it, it should show up in your library. For any game.

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