Looking to download owned games (BTTF and Puzzle Agent) but no links available

So I purchased BTTF when it came out. Got most of the way through and life took over. I wanted to start playing again but I didn't hear about the DRM free release that was announced in the forum only (jeez guys you should have mailed out Steam or GOG keys to those of us who bought directly from Telltale when you knew you were folding).

I can see the legal purchases under "My Games" but I don't have any way to download them. What's the solution here?


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    I just checked my Games page and confirmed there are no longer any clickable links associated with the box art. None of my games can be downloaded either, so there's definitely something going on in the backend.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I alerted the Telltale staff about the issue, so hopefully they'll get a solution soon.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Heard from Telltale staff just after your post via email. Here's the contents:

    Hi Kaplah,

    Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately Telltale lost the license for this game, therefore we are unable to operate, distribute, or provide support for the title. This means we are unable to grant game keys, episodes, language packs, or other game-related content.

    You can find more Information here: http://bit.ly/2ZzD8yb


    Telltale Staff

    My notes,

    So... if anyone else has this issue you can find the complete game on both "thepiratebay.org" and "archive.org".

    Telltale management, don't like me telling people who PAID FOR THE GAME to search piracy sites for your titles? DO BETTER.

    • Yes you lost the license
    • Yes you don't have the right to distribute the game
    • You should have distributed steam keys to any of us who tried to directly support you by buying direct from you instead of going through steam or GOG at the time
    • You did the bare minimum from the old forum posts that I saw by distributing DRM free versions of your games via a forum post. A very easy to miss forum post.
    • Do not EVER open your own store front again. You only get to screw your customers ONCE. I won't be back for more games, and even if you released something I was direly interested in I would buy it through steam. When steam has a game pulled you can still download and install the game as long as you legally own it. Even if they lose the license.

    Jennifer, thank you for your assistance
    Telltale support staff, I owe you no ill will.
    Telltale management, rethink how you do business.
    Everyone else, as the "new" Telltale (which has a lot of the old management...) is selling through external sites like Steam you should be fine. If Telltale ever opens up a storefront again avoid it like the plague.

  • That must be a recent change, because I remember being able to click those tabs a few months ago. It includes games that Telltale absolutely does have the rights to distribute, like Telltale Texas Hold'Em. They ought to reopen the downloads for those games.

    (I downloaded everything I had available in 2018, so I don't actually need them. I just think they should be available for those who bought the games direct from Telltale.)

  • I came back to my telltale account because I wanted to replay Puzzle Agent and found that none of the games I own I can download again. This is beyond messed up and I can't believe there was no warning or whatever to get those downloads, cause we're taking them away.

    I do have them on an older PC, but now I have to go digging through hard drives trying to find the correct one which has the installs for these games. Also their reasoning doesn't make any sense, you're not selling these games, you're allowing past customers to download the game they rightfully bought. You don't see games removed from steam or other storefronts yanked from the buyers.

    Also if you can't give out codes for the games you don't have the rights to, what about the games you do have legal right to continue selling ? Puzzle Agent 1 and 2 ? Monkey Island ? Wallace and Gromit ? There's still a good chunk of those games that you continue to sell, which I bought through the site and now I can't play.

    This needs to get fixed ASAP or at least some sort of communication, instead of what's seems to be a Pre Written bot response.

  • Looks like this has been fixed, because I can click all the games I own again and now I'll just download them all

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    The games that Telltale doesn't hold the license anymore are downloadable again too. I just checked with Strong Bad and Law & Order and the links are there for those too.

  • Still can't download Minecraft Season 1 + Adventure Pass and Game of Thrones, links are broken, but at least all the others are downloadable.

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