Clementine comics are pathetic cash grab and should not be Canon to the games.

With Clementine book 2 right around the corner it unfortunately brought up some memories from previous book and also the Clementine lives book. Which are confirmed to be Canon to The Telltale so that means that season 4 was pointless, it's fair to say that because she's not happy like we thought she was, she tells AJ that in the first book and that not even he can make her happy. So we're taking care of AJ since season 2 was it all for nothing ? was her teachings and her own beliefs all just a big lie because she doesn't even adhere to her own beliefs like "never go alone."well she goes alone and abandons AJ who is pretty much her son, she's reiterated several times throughout the games how she loves him and she would never abandon him several times! That's the whole point of season 3 a new frontier even though she is kind of sidelined her story in that game is very impactful and stays true to the Clementine that we know! She loves AJ and will do anything for him hell she even sacrifices vancomycin and her safety to make sure that he is not sick anymore! That's a mother's love! But everything that we love about Clementine throughout the games is completely just non-existent it's unbelievable she does even stay long enough at Ericsson for Willie and AJ to make her a proper foot prosthetic so she doesn't have to use crutches if she would have waited for a prosthetic and trained with it a while she wouldn't be a damsel in distress like she is with that peg leg, she would be able to defend herself like the old days walk without crutches, she just lost her foot so she has her knee still which is a big deal when it comes to amputees if she would have just waited and got a proper prosthetic she could be close to 100% like she was before the amputee, but nope she leaves a few days after the ending of season 4 the final season. It's just a big slap in the face I'm sorry I have no ill will against Tilly Walden I know she's doing what she was hard to do, and last year I heard about the death threats that's not cool! Yes I hate these f****** comic books and they are ruining this legendary character but I would definitely not place all the blame on Tilly Walden skybound is also to blame, they did help with the conclusion of season 4 when Telltale got shut down I will get them credit for that but it is clear that they really don't care like us fans do us die hard fans love this character and to them she's a huge IP and her name Clementine they know we'll bring tons of money that's why they'll keep crankin these out. Maybe someday they will de canonize this BS, but in reality no matter how much we want these not to correlate with the games unfortunately they do. And regardless of the backlash that the first one has received it obviously wasn't enough because they're making two more, even after Tilly Walden trilogy they might make another three because they're getting good enough reviews and they're making enough money on them to warrant further installments which is a crime shame because the more installments you have of this book The bigger the hole you are making for this legendary character just burying her alive! We can all deny that in our head these are Canon but in reality they are and if you still don't believe that you are in I just wanted to make this post just to say how much I love this character those video games got me through a lot back in the day through hard times so Clementine means a lot to me and to see her go from The Telltale games which are so legendary to the comic book version which is one in the same is just baffling. Maybe someday they'll realize their mistake, maybe if they start losing money on the book still de canonize it to rectify their mistakes or give it back to Telltale and have them rectify it but I don't see the happening either because they're making money off of it big bucks so why would they give it back. #Not my Clementine

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