Clementine legacy continues to be tarnished.

It's been a few years since season 4 and unfortunately instead of giving CLEMENTINE'S story the ending that was shown at the end of the game, we all thought she got a happy ending, well skybound and Robert Kirkman decided that hey, her name equals money so let's start a comic book series about her and completely wipe her legacy and laugh at the fans reaction while we do it. With a new comic book right around the corner in October of 2023 they're just going to continue to damage your legacy as far as can with disregard to the fans and the backlash because not even the supposed death threats that Tilly Walden received during the first book wasn't enough for them to stop producing them and or hire a new writer or scrap it all together, so our opinions don't matter because they're making their money she's their IP they can do whatever they want. I know Telltale no longer owns The walking Dead, it's all skybound and Robert and we will never get a season 5 to rectify everything that's going wrong with Clementine in the books because skybound knows Clementine is money! why would they want to give up money? It's amazing how you can go from a legendary character and then just completely demolish everything that made her special. everything! This Clementine is canon to The Telltale Clementine it's one in the same,but it definitely doesn't seem like that because they don't care of what came before they just want to canonize it so they can continue to mess with and the fans and as much as I don't want to accept to as Canon in the real world here, but that's denial. She had such an impact on not only my life, but many other people's lives, playing those Telltale games helped me through some dark times, I got enveloped in the characters and the plot and I fell in love with Clementine just like many of us have. It's sad to see your girl from very capable young lady to a incapable crippled who can't do anything she literally is a shadow of her former self and is going to keep regressing through the continuation of these comics. I'm sorry for the rant.


  • I agree it’s the same thing that lots of companies do with their successful characters. They bring them back and ruin them for no reason. I was happy with Clem staying with Violet and Louis in their new home. It made sense and was a good end point for her character. I have not read the Clem comics and they are non-canon to me, (because I hate when games split into other types of media rather it’s books or shows) but I am not sure what they did here that makes Clementine as bad as you say but I am sure I’d agree. Because like you said Clem was important to you, and she was important for me as well. But I will agree that they should have saved Clementine’s return for another game because Skybound could’ve easily made a game for her which could’ve been just as successful as Telltale’s because they have the rights to The Walking Dead since TellTale closed and Skybound finished off the last season.

  • Your spot on dude and the second Tilly Walden (book 2) is definitely worse than book 1, by far. Seriously! And we have book three next year so it's just absolutely crazy how bad these comic books are so far and that skybound has the audacity to hire somebody who doesn't understand the games and that doesn't care what the fans think literally! This is just a cash grab, and it will continue to be a cash crab even after book 3, they'll probably have another trilogy after that due to the overwhelmingly positive response that these comic books are I know a lot of people are done with the Clementine story arc as far as the video games are concerned, but I would love to play as an older Clementine who has a prosthetic leg but a decent one considering her universe, one where she is capable of becoming close to her old self, you witness her train with it, get used to it. Become close to her original self before this amputation ....She overcomes her physical limitation because that's what the Clementine we know and love would do
    I think watching her overcome her disability rather than being a damsel in distress, like she is betrayed in these comic books I think that would be badass and make her more likable than she already is. Playing as a prosthetic leg clem who can still get it! Sign me up.

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