What do you feel about TWAU2 after seeing the "modern gaming" trend?

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Just asking.

I also just heard that TWAU 2 is getting delayed, so here's a quote related to it:

"A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is. bad forever"

  • Shigeru Miyamoto.


  • Admittedly I'm not up to date on what modern gaming is but could you give more detail?

    Also I'm hoping TWAU S2 is good regardless of delays and enough people remember the first one fondly enough for it to make profit.

  • I just hope the episodes are longer and the choices more meaningful than the expanse.

  • Well considering the game got delayed I am expecting it to be more polished from the start. I do want choices to matter, not just short term but long term maybe some choices made in episode 1 have lasting effects at the final episode. I want to be able to once again play Bigby as villain trying to be good, or an anti-hero with a temper some of the most moments in Wolf Among Us Season 1 was when Bigby would get aggressive with the residents of Fable Town.

    However, with modern gaming, I am not sure what to feel. I hope they do not include a battle pass in this game! 😂😂
    Modern gaming is lacking because there are to many political agendas that get involved with the game. Like please keep politics out of games please.! These are just my my thoughts haha

  • Just hope it doesnt get pushed back again :'(

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