Is TWAU2 still in development? Is the game in jeopardy?

No sign of TWAU2 in the Ad-hoc Studios - they deleted everything after years of developing.
Telltale is in troubled waters and had to lay down a lot of the personeel.
Willingham has freed the rights of Fable tothe public domain.
No sign of a new teaser/screens in the last few months.

Is it possible that the project is on hold?
Has anyone some news?


  • Presumably the project is still alive, scheduled to release in 2024,so don't lose hope mate!

  • I don't know why it's taking so long honestly. I don't want to say it's in development hell; it would be easier to make a judgement if we at least had some information on how ambitious the project and gameplay is.

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    It probably takes so long, because they are making this in a new engine than they used to. Meaning they have to make everything from scratch now.

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