The older Telltale games seem to be much more difficult

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The telltale games that were released before the first The Walking Dead seem to be a lot more difficult in navigating and knowing what to do compared to the ones from that and after, i remember some years ago when i tried for the first time some of them, such as Bone, Sam & Max, and Tales of the Monkey Island, i could not finish without looking at online guides, and now i returned back to do Wallace & Grommit which is the last one from the older ones i haven't done, and already at the house it is a huge headache, while the most recent one The Expanse things just flow naturally without much trouble


  • @DoflamingoGT Yup.. I am also stuck at EP5 Wallace & Grommit adventure :/ Did you finish the game without guide ???

  • They had more puzzles than their later stuff which required more player engagement. I spent more time on one episode of Back to the Future than I did on two episodes of Wolf Among Us or Walking Dead.

  • They need to make them more difficult again

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    sorry for late reply, but i finished all the episodes with the gamefaqs guide, theres also the CSI Telltale stuff, which although have many stuff to investigate, due to being kinda formulaic its easier to navigate through compared to the cartoon ones

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    @DoflamingoGT Yup.. I am also stuck at EP5 Wallace & Grommit adventure Did you finish the game without guide ???

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    The CSI games were made under contract from Ubisoft to help keep Telltale afloat in its early years. It follows the exact same formula as the first two CSI games by 365 Entertainment.

    3 Dimensions of Murder is the most creative. It actually has a fun case that pokes fun of the cancellation of Sam & Max Freelance Police at LucasArts. That cancellation is actually what led to the creation of Telltale Games.

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