Your 2023 experience.

Now that 2023 is about me at end, as far things go my 2023 experience was great I went go the movies every month and watched almost every horror film except for Talk to me and it’s a wonderful knife.

I’ve also been reading a lot of graphic novels this year and will continue prior since the gym next door to my area closed down permanently I’ve been buying exercise equipment and going out for longer walks just to make up the gyms permanent shut down.

Unfortunately, for me, I have as I did back at 2022 which I’ll get back to it next year including making a revisit to the comic book store since it’s eight years since my last visit and hopefully in 2024 I’ll go back to see what’s trending and see anything more horror related content or a new discovery.

But other than that. 9.5 out of 10.


  • 2023 was such an amazing year for video game releases. Notice how I say video game releases instead of just video games because this was the worst year for game developers. Layoffs, leaks, mistreatment, cyberattacks etc. But nonetheless, this is the very first year in my life where I bought 5 new games at their initial price. There is only one new game that I bought on sale which was Jedi Survivor because it had a terrible launch and I made the right choice. Here is my ranking:

    Here is my ranking of ALL new and old games that I played and finished this year.

    Unfortunately, I am on my second attempt of the 4th Year of my college because I had a lot of trouble in my first attempt. Wasn't very responsible in my group project, I noticed that I am missing credits from a few courses that the teachers NEVER informed me about and I have to do more courses and I didn't care much about my first Graduation project. But this time, it feels like I am on the right track. I love my current group project, I take a lot of responsibilites and I have no excuses to not pass that one. Then I have a graduation project that earns my attention along with two courses which would only require a project created without talking about research. Since I don't have any games that I am HEAVILY looking forward to in Q1 2024, it would be my opportunity to have a full concentration. This time, I have to leave this fucking college on a good note once and for all.

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