The Expanse doesn't feel like Telltale. While still improving, what do you want back for Wolf 2?

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The Expanse improved some things, like free-roam, talking to characters, and graphics. But also took a lot of the Telltale identity away.

These are all present in Telltale games starting from TWDG S1. But not in the Expanse.

  • Timed Choices
  • 3 dialogue options
  • A silent option
  • Getting to choose dialogue throughout the whole episode
  • Choices are presented on the screen while the other characters are still talking and doing their thing.
  • 5 big choices per episode.
  • More variety between the dialogue choices. (For ex: In The Expanse, there is a dialogue choice where you have to choose between "A little cheap" and "A little weak". If I remember correctly, this was in response to a bet.)
  • More morally conflicted choices. Episode one of The Expanse had them, later episodes not so much.

Did I miss anything? While still improving their brand, what old thing would you want them to bring back for Wolf?

I'm aware that most of the Expanse are developed by Deck Nine, which explains why it doesn't feel like a Telltale game, but they did brand the game as "A Telltale Series". So I have a feeling they want to move away from the old.


  • Does it still have 'will remember that'?

  • Nope. It also doesn't have the "this game series adapts to the choices u make" text at the start of an episode.

    Ghetsis posted: »

    Does it still have 'will remember that'?

  • Didn’t play Expanse, really all I want is the original cast back, the same aesthetic with touched up graphics and that mechanic where you choose the order of the crime scenes you visit.

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