New Year’s resolution

My New Year’s resolution is I’m going back to reading more graphic novels including going to the libary to rent some including some movies I’m also planning on going back to the comic book store since it’s been eight to nine years now and want to make a come back.

I’m still going to the movies this years i’m excited for Terrifier 3 Final Destnistion 6 , I’m not sure about Scream 7 after the controversy between spyglass and Melissa Barrera over a controversial tweet on X but other then that.

I’m hyped , I’m planning on getting a gaming laptop hopefully got some good games in mind I want to play and go out exercising more often.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?


  • That sounds pretty fun, @Cleminator93! I never got to plan mine, but now that I think of it…

    I’ve been needing to get myself in better shape. I’ll be doing enough at my new job that I can at least get more exercise. Until now, I wasn’t able to do very much. I’ll also get a chance to talk to people more face-to-face. I’m usually pretty mousy.

    I also want to make up a good routine so I can get back into my favorite hobbies. I can find time to read and play games, but I like poking around with drawing and writing, too. I feel like I just don’t do them as often anymore, and there’s an art challenge for drawing chickens with my name on it ;)

    I hope everyone can reach their resolutions.

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    I feel you , I’m more of an introvert myself even back in middle school didn’t really have friends same with high school back in the late 2000’s / 2010’s I was always focus on myself hell even the seniors in my freshmen year wanted me to hang out with them because this girl had crush on me at the time .

    I declined and closed doors because their intentions was to smoke 420 with them and other people so on in my later years in high school .

    Now I just focus on what I love comics, videogames , movies etc and my TikTok I created almost a year ago which I want to get back to since I’m doing DBD : Mobile content.

    I also planning on getting a dog to cope with my depression of loneliness and my social anxiety.

    Because talking to people now is hard in this day and age and a dog can be a cure to that .

    I also wish for the best for you with your occupation and getting back to what you want to do with your hobbies .

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    That sounds pretty fun, @Cleminator93! I never got to plan mine, but now that I think of it… I’ve been needing to get myself in better sh

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