What´s the point of the build up for Mira´s character to be cunning and smart?

I dislike that her "alive" ending is pretty much a lose situation for her, too. Like, there seems to be a theme of building/developing her character to be a skilled manipulator and schemer, but in the end, she has two "lose" options? We can build her as a honourable girl (which gets her killed), or a skilled manipulator, but being "ruthless and cunning" in Game of Thrones should have been a win, but she justs gets in a worse situation if she tries to be ruthless and stay live? But I guess it kinda fits her character, since she´s just a handmaiden caught in plays of more powerful people. Also, since she´s vanished from the menu, it seems she won´t be playable...so I say, what´s the point of choosing to build Mira as a skilled player of the Game just to end up in a more awful situation and having no opportunity to end up winning again?

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