Series, games, and movie adaptations I think telltale would make really well

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We all know about wolf among us season 2 is hopefully coming soon enough, also other projects telltale is most likely working on currently. I’ve always thought what else can they make a series out of, so I decided to make this discussion wondering if anyone got ideas for another series adaptation, that you think telltale can make very well. (Obviously in your opinion) so throw any ideas you think would be great! There are no limits or restrictions so let me know of any, I would love to see everyone’s idea!

  • I would personally love to see Telltale create an adaptation for Blade Runner, one of if not my favorite movie ever. Telltale has done great with the dark noir scenery, and deep impactful story in the wolf among us which is the most essential element in Blade Runner. If QTE’s and decisions permanently matter throughout all episodes I can see Telltale making this really well. Also the plot twist and the questions they leave you sitting to think about in other games they have made, I definitely believe they can pull off Blade Runner and make it successful. (Tbh I’m not even sure Telltale would be able to adapt this into a game maybe for copyright reasons or idk how it works exactly to get permission to create these adaptations.) but again pls tell me any of your thoughts, opinions, and ideas! And pls tell me your opinion on my idea anything you would add or fix.
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