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Anyone here played Worms? The turn-based strategy game made by Team 17?

Well, this thread is where you can post your own ideas for weapons. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

I have two awesome ideas:

Platinum Donkey

Thrown by hand and explodes and bounces on contact with any surface. It'll keep going for twenty seconds, or until it falls into the water. Make sure your own worms aren't in the way when using this devastating weapon.

Air Guitar

This weapon can go through walls, but doesn't make any explosions right off the bat. Waves of guitar are sent into the air, knocking back any worms in it's way. Very effective when in a cave-type stage, and have no other way to get to the enemy.

I just made this picture:


Those are my ideas. Let's see what you can do!

Edit: I freakin' misspelled Weapon! Of all the words!


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    the holy crap granade.
    you throw it like te grenade, but then it blows up to 5 smaller ones. then each of those explode into 5 mini ones.each of those mini grenades have the explode force and power of a holy hand grenade. this would be one of those weapons you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting in a crate.
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    Those worms below are in trouble. That blue thing is the Holy Crap grenade. That's what I thought it would look like; an explosive package full of bombs, full of even smaller, yet even more powerful bombs.

    This is not actual gameplay. It is but just an illustration made by me.

    I'll continue to make more pictures for everyone else's weapons if they demand it, from here on. :D
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    the PEZ gun:
    it shoots like a uzi, but it can do 2 things.
    if you shoot the enemy, you will poison them. but, if you hit your teammates, it gives them 10 health.
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    the PEZ gun:
    it shoots like a uzi, but it can do 2 things.
    if you shoot the enemy, you will poison them. but, if you hit your teammates, it gives them 10 health.

    I see where this is going...

    It shoots out a candy corn, this candy corn does minimal damage on enemies, BUT, if you launch it at terrain, it makes a quite sizable candy-corn explosion, anyone trapped inside will take a helluvalot of damage.

    Shoots out a tootsie roll, If an enemy is hit by it, they take a very high amount of damage. That's about it.
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    the kazzuke:
    you throw it, it plays a little kazoo ditty, then blows the crap up.
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    That's the Candy Corn Revolver in action.
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    the whoopie death:
    its like a mine, but its a whoopie cushon. and it goes invisible as you put it down. if someone toughes it, it does the classic PHBHWOOOP sound.
    did i mention that after the noise, it explodes with the power of a holy crap grenade.
    i request a picture of this.
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    I'll update when it's finished. Explosive gasoline cans and land mines will be added!
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    Here we have the Before pic:


    A worm has just stumbled upon a Whoopee Cushion, facing a terrible, hilarious fate. I'll post the During picture next.
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    Here it is!


    Would ya look at that! I may post the aftermath sometime.
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    hah, after the PPPPPHHHBWOOOOOP sound, there could be like a scottish guy saying " aye, who cut the cheese?" and THEN the kablammowaboom
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    Garden Hose

    This weapon does not have much range, but can be used to fill a depression with enemies in it with water in an effort to drown them. Also causes minor damage when sprayed directly on a worm.

    Fire Hose

    Like the Uzi, only it causes three times the damage, and is affected by the wind. It's one drawback is that it washes off poison on contact.
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