I wanna be a....

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The first poster will post what he wanna be and the next will post 3 trials he must complete before he can can be it.

I wanna be a pirate
1. Trial: Get the secret treasure of Meeleisland
2. Trial: Get the idol of many hands
3. Trial: Defeat the swordmaster
I wanna be a cook

Lets start:
I wanna be a rockstar


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    Trial: Find the Pick of Destiny
    Trial: Steal the mystical sheet music of Led zepilinia
    Trial: Win the battle of the bands
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    I wanna be a carbon atom...
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    you have to...

    TALK TO JIMMY. (xD become a neutron, and jimmy, jimmy neutron. xD)
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    I wanna be a writer.
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    you have to
    1: get a pen/pencil
    2: get paper
    3: use pen/pencil with paper
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    i want to be a game designer
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    You have to:

    Re-use old ideas
    Get a lawyer.

    I wanna be a "Mighty Animator"!
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    You have to:

    Beat the MajusArts
    Discover the newest adobe flash version
    And steal some paper for your sketches XD

    I wanna be a lawyer
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    You have to:
    Overcome the Socratic Method
    Bribe a Judge
    Take Down the Mob

    I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!
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    Beat the MajusArts

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    Yes! a pokemon quote!!!

    you need to:
    get a starter pokemon
    capture 50 pokemon
    go to the indigo league
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    i want to be a firetruck
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    first you must
    1. be a brick
    2. go out with Lisa simpson
    3. get traded to the chicago tribune

    I want to be a robotic rabbit thing with a hook hand, a goatee, and a cursed cutlass
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    You just have to;

    1-Cause a space/time rift
    2-Take a bath using ice blocks that are big as your head instead of water
    3-The hardest, date a girl.

    Then? You hit maturity and everything you want is granted. Except for the robotic part, but you'll have the mating instincts of a rabbit.

    I wanna be Majus.
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    you have to
    1. be awsome
    2. be awsome
    3. be freaking awsome

    i want to be a photographer
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    You need to complete the three trials:

    1. Camera Adjustery
    2. Photo Shootery
    3. Develop filmery

    I wanna be an adventure game character...
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    1. Infiltrate TellTale
    2. Take a intern hostage with a loaded stapler to force them to include you in their next game
    3. Impress them by combining simple office items to escape the police

    I wanna be Winslow
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    1) Earn your Epic Win degree
    2) Learn how to dance
    3) Develop a strange liking for maps.

    I wanna be the Ultimate Nerd.
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    1) Win an award for wearing your pants so high that it hurts.
    2) Be arrested for snorting extremely loudly and annoyingly when you laugh.
    3) Play Monkey Island. Oh, wait...

    I wanna be a chocolateer.
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    1) Take a four-year college course in chocolaterianity
    2) Spend two years working on a cacao plantation
    3) Open up a chocolaterie and get Johnny Depp to visit

    I wanna be the winner of the Tour de France
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    1) Train for years
    2) beat cancer
    3) make rubber bracelets

    I want to be a mighty... FLOORING INSPECTOR!
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    you must...
    learn about flooring
    learn about inspectors
    learn about flooring inspectors

    i wanna be a catapillar
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