Combining items game

Rules. take two items from any telltale game that could not be combined before and write what is the response and or what is it used for
for example: use murray with the pyrate parrot and it drives him nuts.


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    Breath Mints....
    Vending Machine.

    All of the drinks inside the vending machine become super fizzy, resulting in the machine exploding.
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    use cursed cutlass, with lighter(sbcg4ap) and get FLAMING CURSED CUTLASS OF KATHULU
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    gun (sam and max) and nunchuck gun (strong bad 4) for deadly gun named KILLING JOY!!!!!:D:eek::guybrush:
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    Watered-Down Carbonated Beverages and Logical Reasoning leads to funanigans.
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    MY mac computer and my future pc will combine to create a perversion of all that is holy.
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