The Recipe For Disaster Game

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Alright so we have all heard the quote
"It's A Recipe For Disaster."
So Were going to acutually Create a Recipe For Disaster
Here's What We'll do one person will write the ingredients
6 Cups Of An UNFUNNY Script
2 cups of bad directing
1 teaspoon of OK actors
And 1 ounce of A HORRIBLE NETWORK!!!
Then the person below you will write the name of the recipe
Now that was an example
so i'll start
2 Cups a Fat Person
1/2 a cup of subway
and 3 ounces of weight loss
now the next person Will Write the the name of the recipe


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    Kirsten Alley

    2 cups of wootang pie
    356 bags of kerosene
    1 spoons of artificial flavor
    1 oz of Nestle chocolate
    Red dye N2
    Battery acid
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    Here's mine:

    One cup of edginess

    1 2/3 cup of charming appeal

    2 teaspoons of originality

    Mix charming appeal and originality until nice and smooth. Add little bit of edginess at a time while stirring. Bake at 300 degrees until hard and crisp.
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    A guy you only wish was straight
    1 cup of stylophone
    2 teaspoons of speak and spell chips
    3 wired drum kits
    4 languages
    Bake in a computer world
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    a computer eating virus.

    3 cups money
    6 cups hype
    -0 tablespoons time
    bake in a game system
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    Sega Saturn!

    2cups rings
    5 adorable animal characters
    2 olympic games

    bake at 1000 degrees
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    mega man 9

    1 cup talyor swift
    2 teaspoons of kanye west
    and 1/2 a cup of a non meaning award show
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    is this game over
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    (I will not allow it to be over)
    One of the best interuptions of all TIME! OF ALL TIME!
    1cup sugar
    3cup spice
    498023 quarts of milk
    4 of my G-moms punkin pie (best ever
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    Childhood obesity

    1 teaspoon catchy melody
    1 cup distorted guitars
    1 cup edgy censorship
    2 oz. obnoxious lyrics
    1 sprinkle of an attractive singer
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    American Idiot

    1cup of air
    3 cups of dihydrogen monoxide
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    3 less thirsty people in this world. And one cup.

    5 ounces of unfunny comedians who can't act
    2 bags of recycled plot
    12 cups of humor primarily based on swearing
    2 stars on a Roger Ebert review
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    tropic thunder

    1/2 cup puppets
    2 cups of food with funny names
    1 cup of people with names of real food
    and a pinch of cooking school
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    The US Government

    2 bags of epic
    3 cups of awesome
    a pinch of bizarre
    and some cilantro
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    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    2 cups of burlap

    3 quarts of creativity

    1/8 teaspoons of weird googly eyes

    1 "Get it Together" by "The Go! Team"
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    Banjo Kazooie Nuts N Bolts(not tooie or kazooie they have at the least 100 quarts creativity)

    1 cup laziness
    3 gallons bad spelling
    4 teaspoons of sugar.
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    people who troll childrens type forums

    a box of oreoes
    1 mcarby sammich
    and 3 pounds of twitter
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    teens that are fat

    1 1/2 tattoos of feet
    2 ounces of energy
    8 pints of vinegar
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    Monty Pythons Flying Circus

    1 homicidal maniac
    2 seasons of a cartoon show
    60 dollars
    and 1 dvd player
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    An insane, nameless b-movie

    1 cup of weird lawyers with elaborate hairstyles
    A pinch of eccentric bad guys
    A tablespoon of assistants
    1 game boy advance
    1 DS
    1 wii
    And ten cups of Japan
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    a japanese court room

    1 eye of spongebob
    5 mario hats
    a pinch of sonic fur
    a decapitated sonic head
    mickey mouses pants
    2 mangled corpses of rabbids

    (lol it took me a few tries)
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    a terrible crossover monster
    1 ounce of incredible characters
    8 tons of cusses
    2 episodes of games
    a dash of comedy
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    seibert999 wrote: »
    a terrible crossover monster
    1 ounce of incredible characters
    8 tons of cusses
    2 episodes of games
    a dash of comedy

    Poker night at the inventory the series

    an arm of seibert
    the head of strongbrush
    the face of ringmaster
    the voice of pepsi
    a foot of the great m
    sprinkle on some powdered telltale
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