Are you getting the new Zelda?

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I definitely am. Ive even preordered it along with the Wii console, the first time Ive ever preordered a console or a game, apart from Sam and Max. Heres a cut out from one review
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a very rare experience. It’s a game where all of the pieces seem to fall into place in just the way necessary to create so seamless, so addictive, so unique an experience that it just feels right from start to finish. Apart from the classic Zelda action, of which there is plenty—more than ever before—in the game, Twilight Princess introduces some truly innovative gameplay elements and improves upon existing ones with an uncommon level of polish and attention. The game is simply overflowing with creativity; with its brilliantly-designed dungeons, legendary boss battles, engaging storyline, and rich cast of characters, it easily surpasses nearly every other game in its genre.

That said, some people are concerned primarily about its contentious graphical presentation; the sometimes-blurry textures. Do they hurt the overall appearance of the game? Yes. Perhaps the most important question, however, is whether they hurt the game enough to place it below the status of other “ten out of ten” legendary games. Here, the answer is a resounding “no.” The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one of the greatest videogames ever created. It isn’t perfect—no game can make that claim—however, Twilight Princess is head and shoulders above nearly every other game I have ever played. It’s indubitably better than Ocarina of Time. It blows away The Wind Waker. And it has a sense of personality and careful balance that instill the player with a serious drive to complete it—something that many other very long adventure games, such as Oblivion, lack.
This is the first game that I have ever awarded a 10 in my six years as a reviewer, and for good reason. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is one of the defining videogames of our time. It is unquestionably one of the finest games ever released, and it is one that any gamer should experience regardless of the circumstances.


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    Soon as I can get my hands on a Wii :)
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    there is a new zelda game coming to the ds q1 2007 too which looks interesting. I haven't been following it too closely to see if they will allow players to control link using something other then the stylus. ( I know that was one of the main complaints I saw after E3)

    Twilight Princess looks very cool. It will be interesting to see how the wii actually does. The controller is cool but it all depends on how it plays. I'm going to try it out next week when nintendo world 2006 comes to tokyo :D
    I'm going to make sure I go both days this time ( a mistake I made of going only one day for the tokyo game show :o )
    So far I've seen a review on gamespot for one of the wii games which doesn't look all that great but then again the ps3 got slammed their first couple games reviewed too.
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    I'm getting both Zeldas. Oh man.
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    Zelda who ?
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    I have no idea what happened to the DS Zelda, it looked very good but I havnt heard anything about it since E3.
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    abdallah wrote: »
    I have no idea what happened to the DS Zelda, it looked very good but I havnt heard anything about it since E3. says March next year.
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    I'm not sure yet. I'm definitely getting the Wii (see avatar), but I've never been a huge Zelda fan, being more partial to Mario. And I can't help it, but I think Excite Truck looks like a super cool game. But I might pick up TP, just to play around with it - I don't normally finish Zelda games though. :P
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    It's a Zelda game, so it's not really something I have to think about. I don't need a too-good-to-be-true review to make me buy it - it'll be mine day one. (Which is today, isn't it?)
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    Sure its a given for me as well. But I dont take for granted that other people are as nerded as us.
    Its going to be great thats for sure.. 3 weeks more here in Europe.
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    I preordered the Wii and the Zelda game - but have since been told that I probably won't get the console when it comes out.

    So I will be sat with the game - unable to play it.......TORTURE!!
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    We're always behind here. The PS3 won't be here until March, for crying out loud! MARCH!!!

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    zelda reviews are starting to go up. Many of the wii games are getting good reviews so far. red steel not so much. many people will feel let down by that
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    Alucard wrote: »
    red steel not so much.

    That's the one I was hoping would be a surprise omggoodtime.
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    I got my Wii today... and i have to say it wasnt all hype. The system is fantastic, completely and totally fantastic. Im in love.. i think i might put a sam and max sticker on it so i can love it all the more :D.
    Ive been playing zelda all day and i absolutely love it. I am in awe of the game itself (a feeling not entirely dissimilar the the feeling i get whenever i play the excellent titles available here at telltale ;) ;) ) the evolution of hyrule is amazing.
    Well right now im in a bit of endorphin overload, maybe later ill come back and edit this to say more than it rocks and its awesome. But to be honest that is exactly how i feel right now
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    Yes I am tempted to go out and buy it right away like I did with sam and max but I'll wait for a price drop on the wii. The price is already pretty low compared with the p$3 but give it 6 months and I can save 50 bucks. (plus by that time I'll have a chance to play through most of the games I've got waiting for me on m christmas list already (ffxII, disgaea II, xenosaga III, Suikoden V, the list goes on and on and on...)

    plus coming in the spring there will be some new bundles
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    17 days, 7 hours and counting :p By the way I just tried it the other day at a gaming expo here, and now im completely convinced. The Zelda demo felt great as well.
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    did you try the mario galaxy demo?
    thats the one I'm looking forward to
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    No they didnt have it unfortunately. I did try Red Steel though and the controls are very bad. There are solutions but UBI didnt use them.
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    If only I had some money I would be down like a shot to my local games store to preorder a Wii and Zelda (New Zealand gets Australia shpping dates and then some!). Unfortunately, that would require many more hours working at McD's than I think I can handle without throwing up or beating myself to death with a large stick. The DS Zelda looks pretty damn sweet though. And as a plus I won't have to fork over another handful of cash for a console to play it on. I wuv my large, first generation DS so. Yes I do.
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    Computer says no
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    I was a nintendo world 2006 this weekend and the line up to play zelda was 210 minutes. (wii isn't out in japan until next week) I did play the new mario game though and that was pretty fun. I'll have to post a snippet from my blog when I get around to writing it later today or tomorrow.
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    busy busy haven't had time to write my blog so here it goes.

    Elebits: I first saw this game at the tokyo game show but they wouldn't let the public play it. At the nintendo world show you could play it. After my hour in line I was finally able to try it out. The cute both girl tried to explain to me how to work the controls in Japanese but I only understood half of what she was saying. The nice thing about the wii though is the intuitive controls. I didn't even need my japanese to be able to play this or any of the other wii games.
    (compare this with the gundam game I played for ps3 where I had no idea what the controls did or how to stop using my shield) Anyway, this game was pretty fun. (gamespot stole my thunder by putting out a hands on preview last week :rolleyes: . This game feels a lot like a katamari damacy game. You can move things in the environment by pointing and clicking with your wiimote. You can click and move almost anything in the game provided you have enough power. Your goal is to zap these tiny creature things which are hidden in the game. The more things you zap the more power you have and you can move larger objects. By the end of the level I was throwing around cars which was satisfying. You can use the wiimote to use items in the game (toaster, dishwasher etc) which can be used to find more of those creature. I really liked the idea of almost totally destructible environments and I will be pushing the idea when I get the chance to work on a design team. The manipulation of items in the game made me think of adventure games. I think the wii could be a good platform for adventure games since the wiimote is very close to a mouse. The game was pretty fun but by the end of the level I found my arm was getting a little tired since you don't swing your arm much in the game so for most of the time it is just extended pointing at the screen.
    Will I buy elebits? I'll have to do a little more research into how many levels there are, game modes, multiplayer, price point and if the gameplay has staying power since I only played it for 6 minutes.

    I'll be back to talk about mario soon.
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