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OK. What's the deal? Am I missing something here? Grand Adventures is "in stock" at Amazon but I still don't have my DVD? What gives? Anyone know what is up here?

By the way, Strongbad is there too. This kind of came out of nowhere.


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    Aye, that's pretty lame. Prior to the new year I ordered my W&G and Strong Bad discs, along with enough other merchandise to wrangle free shipping (I hadn't gotten my free strong bad disc prior to this due to the disproportionately high shipping cost telltale was/is charging). The entire order's still pending due to the Wallace & Gromit disc.

    Since there haven't been any updates for awhile, it'd be great if someone from telltale can chime in about when the orders will begin to be filled.
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    It's worth remembering that Amazon's not always 100% on such matters. Until someone reports actually receiving one, I'd say the jury's still out.
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    I am still waiting for Wallace and Gromit and Sam & Max Season 2 since well before Christmas. Very disappointing.
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