The Butter Battle Thread

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The point of this game is to argue whether it is better to eat bread with the butter side up or butter side down in the most opinion-disrespectful, fact-ignoring way. But don't make it personal, alright? It's just a game.

I'll start.

Eating bread with the butter side up is better, and people who disagree with me are idiots. It is clearly proven in science that when the butter is over the bread, it is more healthy. Also, my friend once ate bread with the butter side down, he died the next day in a car crash. Therefore bread with the butter side down kills people.


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    I eat butter side down all the time, never get hurt, never started to drown.
    My friends eat it down and have won many contests. It is much better for you than butter side up. you get more tastes to the toast and bread to, Yup. toast or bread is butter with better side down
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    Nope, better to eat butter side up so you get the nice crusty bit of the toast on your tongue rather than the soggy side.
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    The crusty bit is known to burn your tongue, no such problem with the butter side. it tastes better, no burns, what more do you want?
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    Eating the toast butter-side down makes your tongue fat from all of the butter seeping into it.
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