Create your own telltale puzzle

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Basicly this is a game where you create your own telltale puzzle from ANY telltale season, you must use a series telltale has worked on at least once, you tell who you are(can be any character from any series as long as telltale worked on one title, so any character that appeared in htr/any monkey island game besides tales is allowed) what problem you are in, and the items you have, then the next person figures out how to escape and then creates his/her own problem and so on.

I'll start, you are Max, and was just captured by buster blaster. There is a censor that will kill you if you move one step forward, and all you have is sam's tie, jesse jame's hand and a potato chip, how do you escape.


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    Ok since no one will post for this, Ill just do it as an example/bump.

    You throw the hand and the censors start attacking the hand, you then use the tie as a rope and slam buster blaster to the ground you then use him as a bridge and escape.

    Now for another try, you are Murray trapped in the treasure chest and all you have is gum and your hand, how do you escape.
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    wait, how do you get his hand, Murray is a demonic skull
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    That's the point, you can choose whatever item you want them to have, maybe the arm was already there, who knows. Ok people the problem is still up and I really want this game to hit it off so go go go.
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    Okai, herz teh dealz:

    Homester is charging Strong Bad admission in order to join the Homestarmy. Go talk to Bubs, and talk to him about admission, and he'll give you a half-empty can of gold spray paint, but then he'll charge you a quarter (and then you'll wonder why he didn't charge you before he gave you the spray paint). Since you have no money on you, go talk to Strong Sad about Bubs, and he'll tell you about his coin collection, which is on a cardboard tablet that he is carrying with him. If you go to his house and use the spray paint on his blue underwear (which is in a "blue ones" drawer that is separate from the drawer with all the other underwear) and take one of the pairs of underwear. Give the blue underwear (that you spray painted gold) to Strong Sad.

    You'll tell him that you "accidentally" sprayed half a can of gold spray paint on his blue underwear. He'll immediately dash off and try to wash it off, not noticing that he dropped his coin collection behind him. Take it back to Homestar. He'll say he only accepts gold coins. Go talk to Bubs and he'll take the quarter and give you another can of gold spray paint (according to his memory, you have never purchased a can of gold spray paint from him).

    Spray the remaining coins with gold spray paint and take it to Homestar.

    Whoops. I wasn't supposed to do that, was I?

    Um, here.
    Gman5852 wrote: »
    You are Murray trapped in the treasure chest and all you have is gum and your hand. How do you escape?

    You use the gum to attract an abrakamula fish. They are know for being attracted to minty scents. It will start chewing on the keyhole of the treasure chest, eventually breaking it and freeing you.

    You are Strong Bad. You need to dig a hole to stop The Cheat from riding his unicycle for some reason. The only thing you have in your inventory right now is a strip of tape with the words "express salmon" scribbled on it in marker.
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    send the piece of tape to Homsar, which in his language means bring a shovel to the field.

    Grab the shovel and dig to china.

    you are Sam trapped inside of Bosco's bathroom with only a sammich and a pen
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    Look in the keyhole. You'll see the key is still in the keyhole, but on the other side.
    Disassemble the sandwich.
    Slide a piece of cheese from the sandwich under the door.
    Use the mayo on the keyhole to grease it up.
    Use the pen on the keyhole to push the key onto the cheese.
    Take the cheese, sliding the key under the door.
    Unlock the door with the key.

    You are Jacques the Monkey. You have to get past Miss Prettywhiskers the cat, who is guarding the window. You have a banana, a barrel of banang, and an electromagnetic tail.
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    I eat the banana, throw the peel under Miss Prettywhiskers, she slips on the peel. I dunk her in my barrel of banang, shock her with my tail, and get the heck outta here!

    You are Lechuck before he died. You are about to land on Monkey Island, but there is a huge vortex blocking your ship, that turns any man into a ghost. You have your sword, Bob's head, and a bottle of root beer.
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