Is this just me?

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I was watching the trailers and gameplay videos for the game (as I was an idiot and didn't realize it does not work in crossover. so no demo for me) and it sounded to me like Wallaces voice was different then in the shorts and movie. Is it a different person or am I crazy?


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    Yes it is a different guy doing the voice. I think there's something about it in this making of.
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    They use an official Aardman Wallace back-up voice, so it's not entirely unauthentic. It's probably the Wallace of a few TV advertisements or something. Anyway, as long as you don't watch the shorts interspersed with the games, the slight voice difference settles in your mind and you don't notice it. At least, that's how it worked for me.
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    I quite often watch (or at least hear) the shorts as my kids also love them, but I still think Ben did a great job for the games.
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    I'm the kind of guy who notices minor voice changes right away. I noticed with Max right away, and gromit... he never had a voice actor so no harm there.

    In yu-gi-oh Tristan's voice change was so obvious.

    if Sam's voice or Bosco's voice changed just slightly, I'd know
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    I noticed a difference, but it had been awhile since I'd seen anything Wallace and Gromit related so I couldn't tell if it was the official voice or not. I still think he did a great job and it's hardly noticeable. I had no idea Max's voice changed at all though so clearly I'm not good at noticing these things.
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