Strong Bad TEXT CYOA!

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For those who don't know, a CYOA is a type of Game/Book that gives you an option, and depending on that option the story will go in a different direction. Take this for example;

You see that Sam and Max are shooting at some poor person on top of a bus. What should you do?

A: Nothing. Just watch.
B: Get some answers from the duo.
C: Join them.

3 choices = That event happening.

That was an example, so there would be more choices and more detail in the actual game. Alright say everyone picked A. Then we would see what happens to the poor bloke. But you aren't cuz i's time to start the game baby! Also mostly all choices will have your own choice. This makes an option where you make an option that could possibly be better then the regular ones. So people can choose that if they wish! Hope you Understood the rules! Also did I mention your SB?

"Bwa ha ha! Take that Homestar!" You are riding on top of Trogdor, destroying Free Country USA! You just stepped on Homestar, and your next target is that stupid Baby Brother of yours! You ride your trusty Dragon to your house and...

A: Wake Up.
B: Lure Strong Sad out with some bait.
C: Crush your house.
D: Loose control of the Dragon.
E: Threaten the blob to make him come out.
F: Your own Choice!


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