Functional opposites

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I just saw a TV show where contestants pitch their inventions/ideas to a celebrity who decides whether they're a genius or not (it's called genius). It's like a funnier Dragon's Den.

One of the ideas was a new way of defining opposites. If you want to find the opposite of something, you find its function and then find something with the opposite function. A freezer, for example, keeps things frozen, so its opposite is something that warms things up: a cooker. A hammer puts nails into things, but it also takes nails out, so it's a prime opposite.

I'll post something along with a picture, and the next user posts a picture of its functional opposite and explains why (If you can't find a picture on the internet, draw one in paint/photoshop/whatever or just leave the picture out), then they post something else along with a picture so that the next user can find its opposite. If you can't think of anything for the second part, try :)


A Cup.


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    A cup's purpose is to hold liquid. The opposite purpose is to disperse liquid. The opposite of a cup is a super-soaker.


    A table.
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    A table's purpose is to provide a place where you can put things down and pick them back up again easily. The opposite of a table is:


    A volcano.

    Kind of.

    A bed

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    A bed's purpose is to provide a way for you to doze off for sleep easily using comfort and relaxation and therefore the opposite of a bed is a megaphone.





    (let me know if I'm not playing this right)
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    beer is supposed to make a depressed man happy and addicted, so the opposite would make a man extremely bitter and want to never do it again, there for the opposite is the Iron Maiden

    A sports watch
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    A sports watch is supposed to help you keep track of the time. The opposite is something that makes you lose track of time. The opposite of a sports watch is a really long movie.


    A hat

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    The hat is used to store the rabbit, so the opposite of hat is something without a rabbit. It's a


    A community rowboat

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    A rowboat is used to help you get from one place to another on water. The opposite is something which prevents you from getting from one place to another on water. The opposite is:


    An iceberg.


    Toilet paper.
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    Toilet Paper is used for... fulfilling those purposes. The opposite of fulfilling those purposes is not fulfilling those purposes. Therefor the opposite of toilet paper is no toilet paper.



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    Poisons is used to make people ill through ingestion, so the opposite is something that makes people better through ingestion. The opposite is medicine


    remote control


    (that's exactly the same as my remote, lol)
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    A remote is a nice, lightweight item used to change the channel from a distance. Therefore, the opposite must be something heavy that doesn't change the channel up close.
    The opposite of a Remote is a Rhinoceros.

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    Pie is a type of food, and is usually warm. It is used to fulfill a person's desire for a sugar rush. Therefore, something that doesn't fulfill a person's sugar rush is

    Harry-Potter.jpg Harry Potter
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    Harry potter is a very intersting book series about a wizard and saving the world from the dark lord of magic.

    The opposite would be an uniteresting book that has nothing to do with dark lords or wizards or action of any kind, the opposite is Twilight (just trying not to be shunned here)


    Jak 3
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