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Today i have watched wallace and gromit grand day out, close shave and the wrong trousers they were great and still are great



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    i made this thread:D
    X D
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    The Wrong Trousers was the first one I saw, but I've seen all 3 of those quite a few times now. They're almost always shown on TV during Christmas, and when they are I usually watch them.

    I agree, they're still very good today! I haven't seen Curse of the Wererabbit so I don't know how that compares to the older movies, but I really like all the ones you've mentioned!
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    Thanks for the reply well curse of the were rabbit is
    great ye I have watched all the Wallace and gromit
    movies quite a few times my dad made some clay
    models of Wallace and Gromit if u want some Wallace
    and gromit models in England they have them at
    this place I'm from Australia this is the website http://foddiescollectables.co.uk/coalport.html
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    Yeah... I know you are new to forums in general so I will let you off...

    But in future try not to double post... people REALLY hate you when you do that... ;)
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    elzbenz is my best friend dont worry
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