Trilby's Notes

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Just only realised this game was out yesterday. Finished it only minutes ago. Damn. That is one of the finest adventure games I have ever played. Which is special praise considering it's an indie game. Anyone else played it? (Oh, in case you somehow haven't heard of Trilby and the previous games "5 Days a Stranger " and "7 Days a Skeptic", here would be a fantastic place to click. Seriously, do it now.)


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    I've always liked Yahtzee's games, but haven't played one since either 5 Days a Stranger or the Trials of Odysseus Kent. I should probably play the entirety of the Trilby series. If only I had a spare giant heap of unoccupied time laying around that I could fill with that sort of thing. :(
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    I've heard of the series. But I haven't been interested in it.
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