Awesome may ROAAAR

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Games n Novels that realy could inspire Telltale:
. . kongo
. . it came from the desert
. . rise of the dragon
. . resident evil
realy intelligent camera that also chooses random new viewangles
.. ego-perspective for more view-range
.. close range for old school point-n-click atmosphere(just the atmo)
.. cool distant cam for majestic jurassicpark delights

an improved interface for realy fast paced action .. like you fall down a pit and have
to grap that liane instantly .. so the interface must be REALY FAST a gravitational cursor
should be very usefull
like you move it over the hero and it gets sucked into the person and you can steer
immediatly without any clicking. just move the mouse to rapidly so the cursor escapes the
heros gravitation again

a lot more ideas to follow ...


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    If they're general ideas, not specifically related to Jurassic Park, I can move this into the General Discuission forum for you.
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    dude this could be a good game
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