Throw something at the user below.



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    i guess this is a taste of my own medecine

    *throws sammun-mak at the user below*
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    hail Sammun-Mak

    *Throws cordogs at the user below
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    All your corndogs are belong to Klatuu!

    * Throws a snowball at the user below *
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    I get frost bite.

    I Throw a Telltale Puzzle
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    okay lets see, this way... no. how about if I use this on... Oh now I get it. It's a visual pun.

    *Throws the following riddle at the person below*

    If you are flying down a river in a cement canoe and all of your wheels fall off, how many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?
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    Whatever THAT is just flies through me with a small pop up saying "miss" appearing.

    *throws a cupcake at poster below*
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    *eats in one bite*

    *projectile vomits at the poster below*
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    cool new drink for movie night with strongbrush1 (i cant wait to see devil/or any other PG-13 movie)
    *throws my old movie night soda at the user below*
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    Why is this bottle labeled seibert666's vomit?

    *Throws Pokéball at poster below*
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    *wiggle *wiggle* Gotcha! Wild Remolay was Caught!

    Remolay uses Rock Thow on user below
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    HEY, a rock for the party tonight

    *throws Styrofoam rock at the user below*
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    *Styrofoam rock misses*

    *Sees a pair of chainsaws and nunchucks*


    *Combines chainsaws with nunchucks and throws the new chainsawchucks at next poster*
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    *Arms get cut off*


    *Regrows arms and throws severed arms at user below*
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    Eugh. That's sooo gross.

    I throw a picture of the severed arms by David Bowie
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    I did a quick Google search on that and I have deducted that is cannot exist.

    *throws a sharpened Macbook Pro at the user below* *look out, it's pointy!*
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    But the new MacBook pro is 2 inches wide and barely nudges me.

    *throws a large ham* (look out, it's high in cholestorol)
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    *Is hit with the ham* Of COURSE! ALL WILL BOW TO ZIM! HAHAHAHAHA!

    *Throws GIR at user below*
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    *catches it and bribes it with TACOS (and a piggy) to join my side*


    GIR: Okie dokey!

    *GIR throws a SANDWICH that he had in his head*

    GIR: I had a sammich in my head! ^.^
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is a good sandwich

    *throws the KOT's bro at the user below*
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    Good thing his brother is apparently alot lighter.

    *Throws Pokéball containing Remolay* Remolay, I choose you!
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    *Appears in the form of a cubone. Throws bone*
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    *throws a The Cheat at the user below*
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    Awesome! My very own The Cheat!

    Well, Batter up! *Throws a baseball at the user below*
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    * CRACK *

    There's a long drive... it's gonna be, I believe...THE TELLTALES WIN THE PENNANT! THE TELLTALES WIN THE PENNANT! THE TELLTALES WIN THE PENNANT! THE TELLTALES WIN THE PENNANT! Klatuu hits into the lower deck of the left-field stands! The Telltales win the pennant and they're goin' crazy, they're goin' crazy! HEEEY-OH!!!

    * throws a paper airplane at the user below *
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    MY EYE! Hang on it says something *undoes the paper airplane* free eye patch? Score!

    *Throws a party*
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    *Throws the Statue of David*
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    Congrats, you set a new world record in statue-throwing. Here is your award:

    *throws a fit*
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    *stares at StrongBrush1, completely speechless at his fit*

    *throws a Hoverboard*
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    Holy crap, it landed right in my avatar.


    *Throws a truck*
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    Sweet! A modified Toyota Hilux! To the north pole!

    *Throws lady scented body wash*
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    *ducks* Ha ha! You missed! *slips on the spilled body wash in an overly dramatic yet comedic prat fall*

    On a side note, I'd like to say that I'm truly honored to be responsible for supmandude85's newest avatar. I'd like to thank everyone who supported me in this perilous journey to the top and I'd especially like to thank supmandude85 for making it all happen! Thank you!

    *throws confetti*
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    PARTY! w00t!

    :guybrush: :winslow:

    ... okay party's over. *throws out trash*
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    Great, Dinner! *munchmunch*


    *throws up*
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    Hmmm, random vomit? This looks like a job for! Someone else *walk away*

    *Throws Frisbee*
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    *backs up* I've got it! I've got it! *catches* Yes! We did it! We finally broke the world record for longest game of Frisbee! Mr. Nutt, you are the greatest Frisbee partner anyone could ask for! *high-fives*


    *throws candy in the air*
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    Hey, it's raining candy! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

    *throws out*
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    *Dismisses whatever was thrown out*
    *Throws a super rare copy of Harry Potter: All of the Books in One Volume.*
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    *Grabs* Well, I'm off to make friends with Stephen Fry!

    *Throws Half-Life 2: Episode 3*
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    I GOT IT I GOT IT- (Intercepted by GabeN) Damn it!

    *Throws the wrong way* Whoops.
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