CONTEST! Embarrass yourself, win sweet comics!

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Emily made a brief mention of this in another thread, but we're holding a new contest!

Actually, that was a lie. We're re-holding an old contest, but one that we didn't promote very well so nobody entered. But now, it's back!


The Grickle Giveaway Contest
Or: Tell your awkward story, win an awesome comic and a custom piece of art by Graham!

Many longtime Telltale readers (and players) are familiar with the work of Graham Annable. Graham was our Creative Director for quite some time, including serving as art director on Out From Boneville, and did a lot of the preliminary work on The Great Cow Race... before he left us to head up north to Oregon, where he's doing storyboards for an animated film!

Now, the juicy bit: We have in the office some of the last remaining pristine copies of "Grickle," a comic collection of Graham's work which was published by Alternative Comics a few years ago. In fact, we only have three of them! And, when you only have three of something left, you can't really sell them anymore, and you don't want to just sit on them so they go to waste. So... that means it's time for a giveaway!

So, we have these limited edition excellent comics that are all about some guy finding himself in an awkward or embarrassing situation. How do we choose who gets them?
Much of Grickle's charm lies in the way Graham uses the characters to illustrate the funny aspects of mundane, everyday life. With that in mind, all you have to do to win one of these few remaining books is write up in a little story about an embarassing, lame, or sad thing that happened to you. You know, one of those stories that makes you cringe every time you think about it.

The books, sitting on my messy desk awaiting their new homes. Graham will help us choose the three best stories. Not only will you win a copy of his award-winning Grickle book -- signed with a personal note! -- but he'll also illustrate your story in that special Grickle way. Sort of like how he illustrated that Post-It note to the left, which I am never ever throwing away.

Just send your story (about 500 words) to us at by January 10 February 15. Include your real name and address so we know where to send your book if you win! We'll announce the winners on this very blog January 17, or thereabouts.

Oh, and then we'll put your story up here on the blog for everyone to laugh at. Because that's the best thing about embarrassing stories!

The first winner is already up for your reading enjoyment, but we've got two more copies of the book, and Graham is waiting at the ready. Ready to draw a picture of you looking like a fool.



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    Hehe. Guess I will send you guys a story when I first got my California ID card. I just loving telling ppl about it

    You guys don't mind it being rated R, right?
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    Submit away!
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    Oh man, I have the perfect story for this contest, hell yeah I'll enter :D
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    I just wrote up the rough draft of my entry. I think it a little funny, a little embarrassing, a little sad and far too truthful for comfort. Hopefully it's as good as I feel it is.
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    Contest is closed, winners to be announced imminently!
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