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So, BTTF has got one (and just announced an excellent Marty!), so I just thought we needed one here too...

So, what voice actors would you like to see here? Personally I'm really hoping they get at least Sam Neill, and as he isn't working in big movies anymore, I think this could happen. And besides, he's everyone favorite paleontologist!

Jeff Goldblum could be possible too, and maybe Laura Dern? Wayne Knight?
Richard Attenborough would be awesome too, but I find that highlt unlikely unless Spielberg stepped in for Telltale and asked Hammond himself to do it.

So, without giving too much away, do you think we'll see any of these familiar characters? And maybe even play as one of them! Playing as Grant would be the most awesome thing ever.


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    I'm still holding out for Tim Curry as a scientist/villain/guy who gets eaten.

    Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill both tie for me when it comes to characters I'd like to see return obviously, but if it's an entirely new story with a new character, then Tim Curry for the lead role. Personally though, character wise, I think Alan Grant works better as an adventure game character. He thinks his situations out, has more wisdom, and handles danger better. Malcolm is more reactionary, and has never really been as smart in these situations. So I would rather see Alan return.

    Sam Neill's voice is very distinctive and could be harder to pull off than Goldblums. They both have very distinctive voices. I think you could find impersonators of them, although I've never heard of an impersonator of Sam Neill.

    This is a good video to watch to get a good listen to Sam Neill's distinctive voice.

    I could really see Andrew Chaikin playing Alan Grant after hearing him as the Narrator.
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    I'd love to see Minnie Driver do even a little part as Anne from the Jurassic Park game Trespasser. She really did a great job with it! Richard Attenborough did a great role in Trespasser, so why not in this one too?
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    Jeff Goldblum for the win.

    he's my favorite character in the series as well as my favorite actor. So I'd want to see him in the game.
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    I just hope they can get the T-Rex back to voice his character. He hasn't worked in years!

    Seriously, I wouldn't mind an all-new set of characters for this game. I mean, Jurassic Park is a franchise where you could go in almost any direction, with all kinds of territory to explore. One thing I think would be cool would be to get some big name actor, it doesn't matter who, but for the sake of argument let's say Elijah Wood, and create an original character for him using both his voice and his likeness. I think that could work well for these games.
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    This guy could definetly help with some of the voices...

    And I imagine that some of the actors that did the voices for Operation Genesis could be hired too. After all, they did some nice characterisations. Hammond was horribly done, but Grant was pretty cool.
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