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First of all, I'd like to say.... please, All I ask is that this game is NOT made cell-shaded or cartoon style. It'll ruin the experience for many Jurassic Park fans out there. I'm only making this statement because I see the style of games that this company has made. I want a game with realistic modeling, and shading etc.


I would love a game that has a similar style like an old Resident Evil game except maybe in first person. I want a survival based game where I do not have hundreds of rounds of ammunition., but a game where I have only a few rounds where I have to use them WISELY. Maybe I'll find Muldoons shotgun with a few shotgun shells, or a flare gun, or an M16 with a few rounds etc.

I think this game should NOT be action nonstop like left 4 dead or resident evil 5...but have lush green jungles and dark corridors and dark buildings with plant overgrowth all around you and the occasional raptor/t-rex encounter.... and your basic tool would be a flashlight, or lighter. A good example for a game would be Dead Space, but less of a shoot 'em up.

I want a game that involves puzzles and problem solving when it comes to getting away from dinosaurs, maybe blocking a door so a raptor cannot get in. Maybe having a Co-op mode where you can work together to distract and hide from different dinosaurs... and find ways to trap or block dinosaurs from getting after you. For example, like in the first movie when they needed to turn the power and control back on in the park for the doors etc to lock.... maybe have certain buildings where you have to turn power on by hacking into computers or simple switches.

Using things in the environment to kill dinosaurs would be more satisfying and difficult as well than just emptying shots into a dinosaur... a good physics engine similar to Half life 2 is a great example of what Im thinking of.

I was on a mod team for a game, so I know how annoying it is when people create expectations and assume how awesome a game is going to be... but, I cant help to be afraid of this game being a disapointment because I have been an extreme fan of the Jurassic Park trilogy for almost 20 years. (I could probably repeat each line from the first movie! haha!) Almost every game besides the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis versions of Jurassic Park have been an extreme letdown.

theres my completely opinionated thoughts. but, Im sure some fans would agree with me.


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    I think you'll be fairly happy - a lot of what you're hoping for is pretty likely.

    But co-op's not gonna happen, and it will probably be more cinematic in its framing than a FPS style game like Resident Evil. However Telltale have done some First Person games (CSI), so that's also a possibility, and could work well for this franchise.

    Though we already have a thread for discussing Gameplay hopes here. Would you like to repost your thoughts there, please?
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