Another ex-Lucas hits again

I just finished playing The Exchange Student ep. 1 ( and I was pretty amazed to see in the final credits that Bill Tiller was involved on it... Good thing!
This thread is useless, I just wanted to spread the news if someone didn't know it, as I didn't until 5 minutes ago.
I don't care if you don't care:D


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    Hey i didnt know of it!!!!

    Thanks, i'll go ava butchers the now
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    I think he just helped out with backgrounds and drew out of the project or something... I heard it was a rather mismanaged fiasco...
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    Haggis wrote: »
    I think he just helped out with backgrounds and drew out of the project or something...

    Likely. The backgrounds remind me of DOTT, somehow...
    And the series follows the episodic format too.
    Telltale docet.
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    looks interesting. Is it me or does the main character reminds anyone of leisure suit larry?

    Even though DOTT is owned by Lucasarts, I wonder if there is some subtle comeos or references since I imagine that this game takes place in college, whereas all the protagonist in DOTT are college students.
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    It's too pricey IMO :( If I were them, I would not hire in well known voice actors.. Eaken would be okay, but not those well known Spanish voice actors... I think there would be others that would done a better job.

    So I'll wait purchasing it till the price drops.. That would be the smartest for them to do.
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    At 10 Euros ($14 - $15 depending on the exchange rate) it is pricey. It is also one of the most entartaining and hilarious games I've played in a long while. Loved the artwork, loved the writing, but the voice acting could use a little help.

    Waaaaay too short for a 10 Euro game, but I don't regret buying it one little bit. If Episode 2 would really last 4 - 5 hours then I'd gladly buy it. If only some kind distibutor would publish this game ( hint, hint, nudge, nudge Telltale). I'd be sad to see this die.
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    Bone was that pricey earlier, but I'm glad Telltale lowered the price. An example this game should consider.. More people would purchase it then.
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    Rasher wrote: »
    I'd be sad to see this die.

    Last time I heard about the sales of this game Dimitris Manos (one of the developers) said that the sales of the first one already paid for the development of the second. Well I guess this was some time before they decided to make the second one much longer, but still it seems the game was a success - unless he lied back then...
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