Does anyone remember the title of this one old pc game?

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Sorry if i sound brief on my description, but trying to figure out the name of this old pc game is driving me nuts. Anyways, here goes:

When I was younger, during the 80's/90's, there was this one pc game I played that allowed you to choose one of lots of different kids to play as. The graphics is quite outdated, with 4 different shades of color; teal, white, black, pink. The game sky is pitch black. The characters in the game have similar head shapes, with their face looking like the pbs logo and variations in hair styles.

As for the characters you don't pick, they are usually somewhere in the game.

The game was played like an adventure game where you walk about and such. I think you can get kidnapped by some adults in the game and such. The game reminds me of shougun. I think the goal of the game was to find some kid.

Sorry, if that wasn't clear.


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