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A carry on the story game

1. You must carry on the story
2. You must mention Little Suzie
3. You must (in at least one sentence) use quotation marks
4. You must use the words "(what she described as)"

Ready? Go!

Little Suzie was skipping through the woods one day, beheading squirrels as she went. After an hour or so, Little Suzie saw (what she described as) "a vewy pwetty flower". However, as she picked it up, she saw...


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    Little Suzie 2.0. A slightly more "better" version than (what she described as) the blood and flesh Little Suzie. Little Suzie 2.0 felt threatened and she told Little Suzie...
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    that "there can only be one Little Suzie in this world", and that they must fight to the death, Little Suzzie 2.0 chose an odd weapon (what she described as) "a rocket propelled rock"....
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    Where susie chose the (what she described as) the "biggest" death ray on the earth.
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    "Eat cold steel death!", chirped Little Suzie, the death ray growing warm in her soft, yet supple hands, as she reduced her opponent to (what she described as) "silvery butterfly dust".
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