Monkey island techo???!!!

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yup you heard right. I was listening to some mindless music. (I only like this kind of music when I code) Anyway, I put on a random track and realized it was the monkey island theme. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry when I heard it though.

If anyone is interested in what has become of the theme it is done by banana inc and the song name is monkey island.

I still prefer the original


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    Oh man, that sent shivers down my spine once they got to the actual monkey island notes.
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    Is there any place I can listen to this song online?
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    Haggis wrote: »
    Is there any place I can listen to this song online?

    Youtube at:

    Awsome find, Alucard! The monkey island theme does send chills since you wouldn't normally expect a song to remixed as a techno song. I am going to add this to my myspace profile-that is if I can find the song on myspace.
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    Hey, thanks for the link. It's a pretty cool song. :)
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