Pirates in the interim theatre, eh?



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    Derwin wrote: »
    Maybe the last episode could have two complete sets of dialog, one for normal days, and one for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! That is brilliant numble! Come on Telltale, it isn't like it is that hard to write a whole new script for an episode, or to get the voice actors to read said scripts. I am sure it would only take about half an hour to implement.

    Even easier would be just to have each voice actor record a couple of extra lines:
    • Arrr!
    • Matey!
    • Avast!
    • Shiver me timbers!

    And then plug them in randomly at the beginning (or end, in the case of Matey!) of each sentence.

    Shiver me timbers! That certainly wouldn't be sporting.

    Where's the noose collection? Matey!
    Arrr! It's a surprise!
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    Numble, you are a child genius... and if you are no longer a child, that makes the fact that you are a child genius even more amazing!

    Telltale, can you please implement this?
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    numble wrote: »
    Where's the noose collection? Matey!
    Arrr! It's a surprise!

    This actually wouldn't work.

    It would have to be:
    Arrr! Where's the rest of the noose collection, Max?
    It's a surprise! Matey!

    Which kind of proves that you would run into some issues if you just randomly plug words in.
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    I think it could work, it has to! Because it's a brilliant idea! =p
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