Proof Telltale Isn't Taking The Right Tone For This Game

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Here's some actual gameplay footage that proves that Telltale is the wrong developer for a Jurassic Park game:

Okay, not really. It's just a funny video I found awhile back that I thought I'd share with people.


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    Now I guess that we all know what Jurassic Park, as directed by Joe Dante would be have been like.
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    That made my day lol
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    I also love the robocop one, good stuff, check them all out!
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    A couple of Day of the Tentacle sounds in that video, can't say if they exclusively belong to LA, but I recognized them...
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    Wow, I recognize that music...the sound is from 'The Movies' game.
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    The music is actually "Powerhouse" by the Raymond Scott. This video uses the original recording by him and his quintet, though Carl Stalling quoted it in numerous Looney Tunes shorts. Also there was an episode of Animaniacs where the entire score was pretty much an orchestral version of it.
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    Hilarous! Someone should recreate the scene in Flash in a cartoony style with that soundtrack.
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