Little Big Planet

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Anybody hear about this upgaming game for the PS3? The video below:

It looks pretty amazing and makes me want to get a PS3 (probably in the late future).
The game features co-operative physics based gameplay, in which the player must overcome obstacles in a stage in order to get to the end. It also places significant emphasis on user-created content within the game, encouraging players to create thier own levels and distribute them.

As yet, the game hasn't displayed any enemies, preferring to derive challenge from the stage itself, which the player must navigate by jumping, pushing, grabbing, running and flying through it to overcome numerous puzzles provided by the game's robust physics engine.

A more trailer-ish video is here:


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    Here's something vaguely similar to tide you over if you haven't yet seen it yet;
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    Hmm, Linerider. I never really got into that, nice idea, well coded, but I just didn't find it fun to play.

    Little Big Planet looks a really cool game though. I was a bit iffy on the PS3, but if that's the sort of game it'll be playing, I might get one a bit sooner than I thought.
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    Badwolf wrote: »
    I was a bit iffy on the PS3, but if that's the sort of game it'll be playing, I might get one a bit sooner than I thought.

    Same with me... I'm not really a console-guy (although I really love my PSP, but other than that I didn't have a console since my GameBoy). But this looks really impressive. The demo was 4 players on a single PS3, right? If this game allows online-gaming I'm definitely in for a PS3...
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    Watched the 18 minute presentation. Mindblowing. Not sure if it had on-line co-op, but that doesn't lessen the appeal for me.

    And yes, for the first time I see a reason to buy a PS3 (eventually)
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    I would hope and assume it has online coop, seeing as you are expected to download content.

    Am I one of the few that wasn't "mindblown"? The presentation definitely got more interesting by the end, but it seems more like a not-so-great-physics experiment than a full fledged game. However, my opinion will easily change based on what sort of content other users create... I bet that on the first day the worlds will be plastered with porn images.

    The most interesting part about this game is that, seeing as nothing is scripted, players will be able to find new ways to interact with objects.

    However, I am still far more impressed by Spore, which has a real game underlying it.
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    I'm wondering what the lasting appeal of this game will be. It looks really impressive, but at the same time I'm wondering just how long it takes to create a really cool level. Of course it brings back a little appeal to the PS3, but 600 bucks is still way too much, even with Home and Little Big Planet.
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    Hearing a recent 1up Yours podcast about the game, I think there are a lot of possibilities that have yet to be shown.

    First off, they knew all the ins and outs of the level they were playing, but I can imagine myself playing around with each of those obstacles before knowing how to get past them.

    There probably will be a bunch of developer created levels for the game, which they alluded to by saying you gain abilities to create certain things by encountering/unlocking them in levels you play. They can probably keep adding new toys via download or new levels.

    I think that their demo was basically in "god-mode" to show you the full extent of what you can do--but I bet/hope that there will be levels with some rules. Such as: you have 3 items in your inventory, now use them to get past this level. Or timed runs. It could even be fun to have a split-screen "race" where your opponent starts at the opposite end of the level, and you race to the other's end, while each trying to build obstacles that get in the opponent's way (probably very hard to implement in a well-designed way?).

    Or developer challenges--the best level made in 10 minutes. The best level made with 9 oranges, 7 cogs, and 10 blocks.

    I think it would be very satisfying just to make/watch some Rube Goldberg-like contraption that didn't even function as an actual level--push the orange down the hill and watch the shenanigans that result. Or something like Linerider with that skateboard.

    Who knows--if people can make insane creations on Linerider, they probably can do so with the better tools in Little Big Planet (especially with co-op design).
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    This game looked like fun. It will depend on how open it is since I'd want to make my own levels, objects and be able to mess with the physics (not just the in the box stuff they give us) . Still looks cool. Home doesn't look like anything special. It is an answer to xbox live. I wish Nintendo would get their online multiplayer for retail and VC games working.
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