Miyamoto and Wife

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There is something really bizarre in the fact that Miyamoto's wife is not a gamer. He keeps bringing it up, time and again. I find something very interesting in the notion that his wife does not care about games or understand them, hardly ever plays them, and yet her husband single-handedly invented them. Maybe her not being awed by him helps them have a healthy relationship, and it definitely gives him a worthwhile crusade (i.e. turn her into a gamer), but it still kinda sucks; there is a whole part of his life and person that she simply doesn't give a fuck about... She may not care, and then she goes to an auditorium half the world over where a bunch of grown men are screaming her husband's name, (almost) like the Beatles groupies back in the day. How does she interpret this? Does she roll her eyes at them? Is she condescendingly aloof? Doe-eyed, pleasantly-smiling and bored?

To mind comes this stray interview from the Psychonauts launch party (or something like that) someone conducted with Tim Schafer's parents who said they were proud but there was a hint of melancholy in their demeanor, as if they were still hoping that Tim would drop the whole kids' toys thing and become a lawyer or doctor or such, become something they could tell their friends about and gloat over without having to rationalize or explain anything:
"Our son, Tim, he makes... video games."
"He is fameous."
"Ah. I hear there's a lot of money in games. It's bigger than Hollywood. But they make children aggressive, murderous, bellicose, evil, disrespectful, and teach them how to beat prostitutes, so I say they should be outlawed. Think of the children."
"Yeah, so how about that local major league sports team we care about so much and that big game they had recently?"

He might as well be a world-renown avant-garde a cappella flea circus conductor -- I bet that would be easier to sell to neighbors at a barbecue than "game designer".

Tl;dr: Laypeople are weird, annoying, condescending, and I am against them.
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