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How to Earn in DOLLARS within weeks free registration through paid to click sites its awesome

Every teen or any person would like to make some cash in an easy manner which can be done by just clicking on some advertisements .but for this you need a credit card/debit

Card...Obviously teen’s wouldn’t be having any of those. Now I have found a way to earn these. This actually freakin works. And its really awesome!!!

These are the steps>>>

1st. Create a paypal a/c. If u have one, Great! Skip the first step.OK.
For those who dont have a paypal account. Just Sign up in the paypal website.


While signing up,paypal would ask you to enter your PAN no. Well, teens dont have a PAN no. do they? No.So just put a PAN no. Search it in google like default pan no. for (your country).Edit the last 2 no.'s.Try different no.'s. (If your from india you can request me one :)

2nd. Now that you have created a paypal a/c. Register in these sites. Here are the links> its completely free to register just join and earn.

(note: follow this complete link, by doing so I become your referral )

1. http://www.onbux.com/?rh=e1e88a1dcfbadc2a73467c0756c54364

2. http://www.neobux.com/?rh=6E65696C76616C656E746F

3. http://www.vcbux.com/?r=242683281

4. http://www.getbuxinstant.com/?ref=neilvalento

3rd Step: Now that your registered . Your Ready To Earn just by clickin the ads…

You get 4 ads everyday. Each ad gives you $.01 So, you get .01 x 4 = $.04 from each site...these type of sites are called PTC sites (payed to click) . Just Commit 2 minutes everyday to click these ads and by 28-40 days(or even earlier if your friends join under you) of ad clicking you can cashout $2 from each site.

PS: You do no need to verify your paypal account with debit or credit card. Just untick "Securely store my credit/debit card information with PayPal for a convenient shopping experience (recommended)" while signing up.



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