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A Long, Long Time Ago... Somebody created a thread in which somebody must make a play list of their music collection and set it to random and each song that came up would be the song that goes with an event in the movie version of that person's life story.

For example; Track 1 = The day you were born.

Other tracks would include your first day of school, first love, wedding until the final track; your Death Scene.

I'm not really expecting anybody to find the thread in question (I couldn't, using the search tool) but in the slim chance that somebody does or maybe even knows of some site which contains the rules I'd be really greatful :D


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    These are cool threads, but in reality everyone posts their tracks, but never really listens to anyone elses list
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    Well I don't think I listened to anybody elses' list but thats not why I'm asking, I just wanted to show somebody who likes games like this.

    But this thread does stick out more in my memory than many games of this type does, I guess I really enjoyed it. Not only does it provide the oppertunity to nose into somebody elses music collection (and possibly gain some insight into the kind of person they are) but some of the results were really funny when read.

    I particularly enjoyed creating mine but I gave up 2 thirds of the way through; by chance every song I picked was one that particularly seemed to fit the scene it was to be associated with until I reached a song I didn't even know was on my hard drive and particularly disliked. I deleted it, clicked next and the whole thing went wrong :(
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    Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al is the sound track to my life :).
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    Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al is the sound track to my life :).

    Nice, mine is "Everything You Know is Wrong"
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    it was more of an compilation sound track, really. maybe 'score' is the word...
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    I remember playing this on another forum once let me go check *goes and does that*. Well I'm pretty sure that the full list of tracks can be something like this (complete with what I got last time!):

    Opening Credits:
    Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge - Opening Themes & Introduction

    Waking Up:
    Escape from Monkey Island - The Curtain Opens (Booty Showcase)

    First Day At School:
    SBCG4AP - Protest - Matt & Mike Chapman

    Falling In Love:
    Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge - Elane and Guybrush

    Fight Song:
    She Drives Like Crazy - "Weird Al" Yankovic

    Breaking Up:
    Rabbit - Chaz and Dave

    Ebay - "Weird Al" Yakoviic

    Mental Brekdown:
    Pork - Weebl's Stuff

    The Theme from Dangeresque II: This Time it's not Dangeresque II - Strong Bad

    Still Alive (J.C. Mix) - Jonathan Coulton

    Getting Back Together:
    The Curse of Monkey Island - A Pirate I was Ment to Be

    One of Those Days - "Weird Al" Yankovic

    Birth of Child:
    Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge - Captain Kates Boat

    Final Battle:
    Plants vs. Zombies - Zombies on Your Lawn

    Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

    Funeral Song:
    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Reasons to Be Miserable (His Name Is Marvin)- Stephen Fry

    End Credits:
    I Palindrome I - They Might be Giants
    Also I didn't really know that listening to the tracks was really the point.
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