X-Box 360 titles

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Having just read the jobs page, I've noticed you're looking for someone who knows how the 360 works. So.

Are we talking Live distribution or are you going to be releasing stuff through the usual retail stores?

Anything new or just ports of Sam'n'Max and Bone?

Either way, I'll be able to bug my friends into playing Telltale games even more now!


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    I think we'll see a CSI Telltale game on the 360/Wii via Ubisoft before anything else but thats just a guess.
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    I wouldn't discount BONE and Sam and Max being in there with CSI, since to gamers S&M are well known, and to comic fans, BONE is.
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    And now that Microsoft eased up on the size limit for Live Arcade, Sam & Max and Bone could definitely come to the system. I would much rather play them on my PC, but I think they would make an excellent addition and reach a crowd that might not otherwise even know they exist.
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