You Don't Know Jack!

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I posted this to the distractions section in the Community section of the site, but it seems forum-worthy as well. Jellyvision was doing daily DisOrDat questions for awhile on their website, and they've stepped up to doing weekly mini-episodes with normal trivia questions, jack attacks, and all that. IT's awesome, and also free:


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Visiting this site is like momentarily taking 10 year off my life.
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    I love(d) YDKJ! I'll have to check the site out when I'm thinking straight. A cold is presently battling inside my head for skull cavity supremacy.
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    I am so happy YDKJ is back, I've been going to the site obsessively for weeks now :P
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    Yeah, I've been visiting regularly since I saw the link here a while ago. I also have the first 2 installments of the game, and they still run on XP! (Even though I heard others are having problems)

  • MelMel
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    Didn't this used to be a TV show? Let me see if I can get anything on Google.

    *cue Jeopardy music*

    All right, there was a TV show but then I realized the thing I was thinking of was The Straight Dope which was short lived on A&E and was a newspaper column first.
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    It was a show for a season maybe, or even just a few episodes. Paul Rubens was the host! Hah. It was a game first, though.
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    The best thing about the TV show was the part where they'd have the contestants solve a complicated math problem while doing everything possible to distract them. The episodes I saw had: ninja attack, mariachi band playing trumpets in their ears, and screaming babies peeing on them.

    Or was the ninja attack for the part where the guests had to answer a million-dollar question, with money being deducted for every second the clock ran down, and the ninjas chased Rubens around the stage, preventing him from asking the question until the last second?

    In any case, it was a hilarious show. And the videogame versions are even funnier. I'd say that YDKJ: Movies is the best-written videogame of all time.
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    Oh man, blast from the past. I never really got into YDKJ, but it was still fun.
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    Chuck wrote: »
    YDKJ: Movies

    I probably played more YDKJ Movies and YDKJ 4 ("The Ride") than any other games, short of maybe Mario 3.

    I hope these guys do some stuff with YDKJ beyond a web flash thing.
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    Hmmm... I hope they make a Wii a game with downloadable episodes or something... It would be a fun party game, and they could make interesting ways to "screw" your oponents.:cool:
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    Jake wrote: »
    I probably played more YDKJ Movies <snip>

    Being a movie nut, I grabbed a copy of that. A fun game, and the fact that they programmed it to say things specific to the day and time was FUNNY as hell too!

    For example, you get up at 2am and have a go, you'll probably get:

    "Man, you're up late! Bout of insomnia? Well, don't worry if you miss a question, because it's not the sleepyness, it's just because..."

    *Logo Thud!*


    Ah, CLASSIC. In fact, after trying the web game, I'm throwing YDKJ Movies back in after a long hiatus for a good laugh. :D
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    Anyone also recall Headrush? It was like YDKJ for teens, made by Jellyvision also, but it lead me to YDKJ!

    Here, try the demo!
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    I played the Headrush demo a few years ago, didn't really care for it. Seemed to lack the obscure references and clever wordplay of the "adult" YDKJs.

    "And now, a public safety announcement."

    "Watch out for ice."




    :D I miss those after-game commercials...
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    YDKJ, still one of those game series with probably THE best German localization I've ever played. I liked those phone-questions, and one time they even picked my tiny home-town... that was a good laugh.
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    Dude - that rocks. Too bad I can't get my old YDKJ CD to work on my XP computer. I may just have to buy a new copy!
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