What do you like Better?

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To me, Sony Playstation and Nintendo have been neck to neck in buisness.
So I'm asking you, which do you like better??????:)


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    I can't really say I've gotten into any of the Nintendo consoles.

    If it wasn't for the stupid price tag and their hate towards Europe (later release, higher price tag, less backwards compatibility? Smooth move.), I'd probably say Sony. At the minute, they do remind me very much of Nintendo, back before they were knocked down to size. Nintendo hated Europe quite a bit too.

    I just hate them both equally at the minute, but I would opt for the PS3 if both consoles were the same price, by some miracle.
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    Sony Playstation:

    I like Nintendo better, myself. :p
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    My first console was the NES, and I've been a Mario fan ever since. So, it's Nintendo for me.
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    Same here Haggis! Nintendo for me it is.. But the PS3 is quite cool to :)
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    Nintendo!!! My childhood friend!

    Acually that sounds kinda sad ;)
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    Nintendo all the way for me...I mostly play console games when i've got mates round for some beer and multiplayer action and I personally think the Big N's great for multiplayer.
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    I prefer/dislike neither. Console wars are silly. I'm all about the games. That said, I'm something of a scavenger anyway. Right now I'm looking to buy a Gamecube and a PS2 while they're all cheap. When the PS4 and the Pii (Or whatever) come out I'll buy me a PS3 and Wii.
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