Telltale and Deck 13 in cahoots?

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Well, I don't think that Telltale has officially announced this, but it appears they may be collaborating with German developer Deck13 on their new adventure game, Ankh, set in Ancient Egypt. According to this article at Adventure-Archiv, Telltale is "also working on the gameplay of Ankh." Don't know if it's true or not, but I think it's very possibly likely.


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    Seems possible - but I would hold off until an official announcement from anyone. Neither deck13 or Telltale seems to have been consulted on this story. Maybe when the Ankh webpage is up there will be some more info.

    Anyone ever heard of Deck13 before? Are they known in Europe?
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    never hear of them
    but we shall see
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    Here is the latest I have seen here at adventure gamers. Here is a quote...

    "Since no official announcement has been made, Telltale was not able to comment much. CEO Dan Connors did confirm to us that "[Telltale] has been reviewing the game for Deck 13 and it looks great. It's really funny."
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    Is it just me, or isn't Telltale mentioned any longer in the adventure archiv story? I never saw the mention of them, but maybe I'm just dislectic.
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    You're right... Spooky. Maybe someone got fired for leaking that. But, uh, if anyone is reading all this after the fact, I swear it actually did say Telltale was involved in some way. I wasn't the one who found it though, I was just sharing from what Adventuregamers was talking about at their forum. :D
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