Anyone here a Prince of Tennis fan?

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well ya. the title says it all. if you have never heard of it seach it on google or something and watch episode 64. they look so cute!:p


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    I think there were a couple Prince of Tennis references in the game "Jump Super Stars," but that's the extent of my knowledge. It's funny, in the middle of a fighting game, to have a tennis player pop up and whack someone with a racket, but it didn't really inspire me to check out the series.
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    I read the manga a couple of volumes but not really into it, so I stop. Never watch the anime, I have tendency to see anime tv-series that came from manga suck (most of them anyway). On the contrary, mangas from anime suck hehe. Anime movies and OVA, ofcourse, better than tv-series; but still, the original creation that made it popular usually the best.
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    This is one of the most boring series I have ever had the misfortune of watching.
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    It's a good show.
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