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I was thinking about how I could integrate some innovative gameplay into my Blood 3 project, ( ... Warning: Popups-a-plenty) when I came up with an interesting idea for a game.

I think a horror game that plays like a classic slasher film could be quite fun. One undying enemy that stalks the player throughout the game, kind of like RE3, but he/she/it'd be the only antagonist. To keep the game from getting boring, perhaps there would be a tactical aspect to it, like talking to locals for information on how to defeat the enemy, using the environment to set up defenses/offenses, having a "trust/fear" system among allies like in The Thing, randomization, etc.

It could work in a number of different genres, survival horror, real-time strategy, even first-person if done right.

Just wanted to get some opinions, ideas, criticisms... I'm focused on Blood 3 right now, but perhaps someone might read this and say "Hmmm..." :P


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    Could be like The Terminator.
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    Ooh, that would definitely work... imagine gathering supplies at a bunker, when the wall suddenly collapses and your looking down the barrel of a Remington.... with no pre-scripting.
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