E3 footage declared as EARLY BUILD

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there's been quite a debate about the game & gameplay footage which was presented at E3 last week.
fact was that a lot of people were quite disappointed about some graphical weaknesses especially because of bad and stiff animations.
fact was also that at the beginning of the demos it always stated "early build".

just for marketing reasons I can't quite follow this "excuse" for the weak animations of the game.
if TTG have improved their graphics why would they show an early build instead of the latest achievments? what's the sense about that?
if E3 is to show gamers the new achievments of the gaming-industry and thus thought to attract people, why hunt them away with "early builds"?
this neither attract people nor does it increase the amount of possible future buyers.

for me there's only ONE reason to tag the footage with "early build".
to keep the people which are already interested in the game and evoke the feeling that the final product will look better.
it is about creating hopes.
it is not to attract more people, it is to make people who are already here not run away.

thats my personal feeling about that.
and as stated in the insider forum, the time of the delay is basically used to improve gameplay not graphics. so chances that the final ingame animations will look better than in the "early build" are quite low (if they even exist).
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